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Our Product

Our Product

Learn More About Sod

We grow Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue sod, as well as custom mixes and special orders for clients. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our products and what we can do for you. 

Sod needs less time, less maintenance, and is almost completely weed free.  Seeding is season-dependent whereas sod can be planted year round with great results. 

We work most often with commercial clients for athletic fields, golf courses, and larger lawn areas. We serve mostly central PA but do a lot of work in greater metropolitan areas including Pittsburgh and beyond. 

Our perfected, weed-free sod comes in

Two Major Types

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass’ medium-fine texture, high density, and dark green-to-blue color make it the most popular cool season turf around. While it requires more care than Tall Fescue, it is easy to maintain with proper watering.

Because Kentucky Bluegrass has a relatively shallow root system (as compared with the very drought-resistant Tall Fescue).  In times of high heat and little water, Kentucky Bluegrass will go dormant. If watered intermittently through the drought, it can green up later when the extreme conditions abate.

These shallower roots come with one major benefit. Kentucky Bluegrass roots feature rhizomes, underground side-shoots that allow the grass to spread. Though this grass holds up very well to foot traffic and pets, if the dog or a team’s-worth of football cleats causes some bare patches, this grass will simply spread to fill these in. It is this “self-repairing” quality that also makes a Kentucky Bluegrass lawn so dense.

Kentucky Bluegrass can tolerate light shade, but prefers full sun to really thrive. It can tolerate close mowing too – some varieties can be cut to less than 2” high.

Our Kentucky Bluegrass sod is ideal for use in sunny locations where it will be irrigated during the growing season. It is the top choice for homes, businesses, and athletic fields when appearance is a priority.

Tall Fescue

Our Tall Fescue sod is a blend of cool-season perennial bunch grasses, and it is becoming very popular both for home lawns and athletic fields. Tall Fescue Blend sod creates turf that has the dual benefits of attractiveness and low maintenance.

Tall Fescue grass is medium in density and texture and green to dark green in color.

Our Tall Fescue is an exceedingly hardy grass that thrives in full sun but will do well in partial shade too. Its unusually long roots reach deep for water, so these plants stay lush and green even in all but severe drought conditions.

In times of extreme heat without irrigation, a Tall Fescue lawn may go dormant, and then green up later when moisture returns.

Tall Fescue requires less fertilizer than other grasses, and its symbiotic relationship with endophytes make it naturally resistant to insects and disease. It also holds up well to foot traffic and pets.

Our Tall Fescue Blend sod is great for home lawns, athletic fields with or without irrigation, and commercial uses.

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